Mari Sol’s parent?


Okay so anyone know who her parent is supposed to be? I’m thinking Sasquatch because there was supposed to be a daughter of him and because her feet look big in that promo pic. Just a guess?

Come from Machu Pichu, México. Probably a mexican demon

Hi, bitches xD


The Beautiful Truth - Ever After High

Sometimes I look back at my little doll craze and I feel a little ridiculous but then I go back and check out the new videos and I am fully reminded why I adore this stuff. This little webisode is all about celebrating what it really means to be beautiful—being awesome and empowered. Accepting that everyone is wonderful in their own way and that the superficial is not what makes people beautiful.

So, I am back to not caring that I adore Ever After High (and Monster High, but EAH is kind of winning ridiculously against it, though I still love MH). I wish this was around when I was growing up. And, side note, EAH decided the dolls didn’t have to be stick-thin. The girls have proper curves. Sure, they’re thin, but they have actual substance to them.

Okay, I’m done gushing about the amazingness that is Ever After High.


               WELCOME TO MAGIC MIRROR!!

Shut the storybooks you thought you knew! The next generation of fairytales are about to discover there is more to becoming a legend than being destined for greatness, and friendship is stronger than any magical curse. Whether these High School students embrace their legacy or choose to rewrite their destiny, the script is about to be flipped. This isn’t your mother’s fairytale… this is Ever After High!

                       Your story begins now!

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